Inventory "low in stock" alerts

In this article I'll explain to you how you can let Stockpilot notify you, when an item is low in stock.

To get started we navigate to a variant's detail page. This can be done via the topbar menu navigation under Inventory > Variants or by clicking on a variant name within a product.

Threshold value

On the variant detail page you'll find a Threshold value. This value is based on the minimum amount of weeks you want to have stock.

By default the number of weeks is 2 (14 days). You can easily adjust the number of weeks by clicking on it. A popup appears where you can change the number of weeks and by clicking Submit the threshold value will be updated.

The threshold value will be updated daily, based on the past sales data.

Stock alerts

Next to the threshold value you'll find a checkbox with the label Alert you can check this box if you want Stockpilot to send you and email when the Available quantity is lower or equal to the Threshold value.

Once the available quantity is updated and higher than the threshold value, the notification will be reset, so you will be notified the next time your stock levels are lower or equal to the threshold value.

Via the top menubar you can navigate to the alert center, by clicking Alerts in the dropdown.

Here you can see a list of all the items that have the alert checkbox checked.

I hope this article helped you understand how to manage the low in stock inventory email alerts. If you have any questions, please contact us by email, phone or chat, we're here to help!

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