Sales channel specific best practices

In this section, we delve into tailored strategies and best practices for different sales channels. Each channel has its unique audience, dynamics, and rules, making it crucial to adapt your approach accordingly. We'll provide you with insights and tips to effectively navigate these variations, ensuring your campaigns resonate optimally with your target audience across each platform. Whether you're new to multi-channel marketing or looking to refine your existing strategies, these guidelines will equip you with the knowledge to make the most of each sales channel's unique potential.

Understanding's emailing rules

  • For those utilizing as a sales channel, it's important to adhere to their specific rules to ensure compliance and effectiveness of your email campaigns:
    1. Restricted Use of URLs: When including URLs in your emails, they must exclusively link to pages. Ensure that all links begin with "". Links directing to external or websites are strictly prohibited, to maintain the integrity and focus of the platform. If you not follow this practice, the email styling will be fully destroyed by
    2. Soliciting Product Reviews: If your campaign's objective includes requesting product reviews from customers, add the parameter “?mode=reviewStart” to the end of your product listing URL. This approach is in line with’s guidelines and streamlines the process for customers to leave a review, enhancing their experience and your product’s credibility.
    Adhering to these rules not only aligns with’s policies but also optimizes your campaign's impact, ensuring a seamless and effective communication with your customers on this platform.

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